What they say:

Parent Testimonials:

"I love your teaching style, life lessons and dedication to what you do. Thank you!" - Stacey D.

"I felt that I finally found a program where I could use these different skills and it was flexible... I learned a lot about myself as well." - Shannon B.

"Awesome teacher. Heard other parent's dilemmas and made some new friends. Since the class, our house is much calmer, less arguing and more listening and doing what is asked without all the talk back...At first I felt when I tell people about a parenting class "Why on earth would you take that" but I learn so much and am a much more calmer and happier mom and closer to my child. We spend more time together and I just love the fact that I ask something and it gets done!" - Cathy D.

"I am an experienced mother and child care provider and have taken other training before, but this was one of the most useful classes I have attended... The class offered real life example with ideas and strategies that work." - Christie P.

"Laurie's class literally changed my life and how I discipline my children. Our family stress is almost non existent now." - Theresa

Professional Testimonials:

"It's a bird... It's a Plane... It's Laurie F.! Yes, when speaking about Laurie F. it does feel that it should be accompanied by some very upbeat superhero theme music... Her capacity for work stops us mere mortals in our tracks. She is continuously delivering excellent programming, listening deeply to the learners so she can be responsive in identifying their needs so she can return to Families Matter with her suggestions or initiatives... The clients she serves are vast and varied... She is just as likely to be seen flying from program to program as in the classroom. When we offer programming to our highest need parents, facing multiple barriers, we phone Laurie. Laurie uses a strength based relational approach to all the participants in her program. The participants trust Laurie which allows them to take their learning to a much deeper level." - Corinna T. - Programming Coordinator

"We have yet to have a class "throw" Laurie. Our families come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Laurie is able to adjust her material, her teaching modality, and her references to accommodate the participants' learning style and comprehension of material... Laurie begins first and foremost with finding the existing resiliencies in a parent and builds from there. She can walk into a group of 70 parents ar the Children's Hospital or meet with 5 immigrant moms on the floor of a church basement and is always prepared, enthusiastic and present. 

Laurie is innovative. She is willing to respond to trends and individual learner needs to so research and design of programming that is useful and current. one of the facilitation activities Laurie does at the beginning of class is to gather all the questions parents have on the topic. At the end of the program (whether is is 1 week long or 8 weeks long) she does a final review to make sure that every question is addressed." - Paula W. Executive Director

"Regardless of the topic involved, Laurie is consistently well prepared, knowledgeable and professional, bringing a combination of her own experience as a parent/grandparent/aunt to her professional training and experience.

My husband and I personally appreciate the reminder, again, regardless of the topic, that 'kids are going to be kids' and we need to be appropriate and reasonable in our expectations of them ('I've told you so many times before not to do xyz doesn't matter when you are dealing with 2 years olds). 

At the same time, she is understanding and empathetic of the challenges that come with parenting. Participants are always encouraged to raise questions and even challenge her, and are never made to feel badly about the mistakes we are all going to make! Laurie finds a way to engage all participants and give them something to help them in their situation - a vital lifeline when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Parenting is the most difficult, yet most important, role that we will ever have and the help from people like Laurie is immeasurable." -Sharilyn W. - TTMAC Parenting Workshops Coordinator

"My team and I have worked closely with Laurie for the past 4 years and have always found her to be passionate and dedicated in her work with parents and families

She works closely with our beneficiaries on developing effective parenting techniques and styles and how to incorporate these styles in to their childrens' lives... Beneficiaries have expressed how much they appreciate Laurie sharing her personal experiences with them as it helps them better understand the struggles parenting can bring. Laurie takes the initiative to learn from her clients and regularly involves them in story sharing.

Laurie not only projects a warm, cheerful attitude to our participants, but also projects the same attitude towards staff... Part of Laurie's core values is to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable in her classes." - Puneet B. - Senior Program Coordinator Parent-Child programs - Immigration Services Calgary